2012 Cheyenne Frontier Days Champions

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Humble Begininings

In 2007 The Frankums purchased their 1860 Peter Schuttler and the long journey or restoration began. In 2012, Wishbone took home the coveted  Cheyenne Frontier Days "grand-daddy of'em all"  belt buckle. 

A second wagon has been added to their wagon train. An 1870's Studebaker is currently  in the barn getting restored.  

Heart and Soul

Brian and Susan Frankum are the owners and operator of Wishbone Wagon. 

Their dream was to not only restore a chuckwagon and take part in some good ole fashion dutch oven gatherings, but to operate a business that really brings familes together. When you and your family are enjoying some of the best country cooking this side of the Mississippi, taking in the beauty of the fully restored wagon or listening to Brian share his stories, you might find 3 generations making biscuits, cobbler or keeping coals on the ovens. 

When someone says its a family business.......Brian and Susans business is Family! i

Better Come Hungry

Wishbone's rough and tumble crew can rustle up some of the finest comfort food you've ever had, and they do it right in front of you over open fires, in dutch ovens and over hot wood coals. 

Award winning food is an understatement. Susans biscuits have been described as little pillows for your mouth and her cobbler will have you counting the days until your next event so you can book them again. Brian's brisket, steaks, and chicken fried steak will leave youre mouth watering for days and you might find yourself dreaming about their world class beans. If you leave hungry.... its your own fault. 

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